Internet Communication

Enmore TMT is part of Shanghai Enmore Commercial Development Ltd., a subsidiary of the Enmore Group. Since 2015, Enmore TMT has entered the internet, wireless communications, 5G and other industries. It is a summit forum with the theme of industrial internet, 5G, commercial NB-IoT, next-generation small cell, Industrial 4.0 and ICV (intelligent connected vehicles). Enmore TMT is committed to providing, as a third party on the dimension of “internet plus industry”, a service mode integrating conference, business investigation, online media, headhunting and expert think tank, and creating a vertical platform rooted in the internet communication industry, so as to promote in-depth cooperation between local and international internet companies and industry clients, enhance effective communication among cross-industry enterprises, and promotes the healthy and rapid development of the entire industry.

Smart Vehicle Expert is an industry service platform of real-time communication, efficient communication and precise matching provided by Enmore on the dimension of “internet plus automobiles” for customers in the ICV industry. 
In addition to the offline activities such as ICVIS conference, workshops and business investigation, we will also launch online activities like themed live streaming and salons. At the same time, we will build professional ICV industry and technology groups, and push the freshest information of the global ICV industry to these groups through Smart Vehicle Expert WeChat public platform.

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