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Global Automotive NVH Technology Conference 2017

Time:2017-03-22 -03-23location:zhejiang hangzhoushi

 30+ OEMs  50+ assembly components manufacturers  20+ simulation software suppliers  Case study: the most complicated NVH problems  Sharing the most advanced test method and simulation strategy  A visit to China’s largest college-level engine NVH laboratory

Why attend?

Ø  Brand enhancement and in-depth understanding of advanced enterprises’ business idea and future strategy

Ø  Learn advanced technology and experience from overseas experts

Ø  Take the lead in NEV NVH performance development

Ø  Brainstorm the possible solutions to complicated NVH problems

Event Highlights

Ø  Vehicle NVH performance forward engineering and research

Ø  Road noise and wind noise TPA and optimization

Ø  Sound quality research and active noise control

Ø  Powertrain NVH testing technology

Ø  Engine vibration reduction design and trend

Ø  Transmission gear whine solution

Ø  Hybrid vehicle’s NVH performance


Ø  Sound package R&D and lightweight matching

“Safety, comfortableness and quality” are major considerations for car buyers nowadays. The research and development of NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) – an important evaluation criterion for vehicle comfortableness – has become the priority of investment for many OEMs. As encouraged by the policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, the NEV (new energy vehicle) industry has been growing vigorously. With the change of power sources, NVH problems have become more prominent and it is more difficult to tackle these problems. We have to learn advanced experience on NVH control and understand the most advanced technology and test and analysis methods. The International Automobile NVH Technology Summit 2017 to be organized by Enmore will serve as a platform of technical exchanges.

Automobile & Engine Noise Vibration Laboratory (ANVL) of Zhejiang University is a co-organizer of this conference. Under the theme of “forward engineering and tracing to improve vehicle quality”, we will invite well-known local and international specialists and experts on NVH, OEMs, auto parts manufacturers, associations and testing organizations to have discussions on complicated problems like the new trend of NVH development, the latest research results about NVH technology in China and abroad, vehicle NVH performance development and power system NVH control.

We sincerely invite enterprises in this field to join us!


Being called as the “metaphysics” of the automobile industry, the research of NVH problems is known for its difficulty in finding the root causes. In most cases, we can only detect the vibration and noise on a specific component, but its generation mechanism is very complicated and untraceable. With the progress of the time, car buyers will have higher requirements for the vehicle performance on safety and comfortableness. The problem of NVH becomes more prominent as the OEM industry shows the trend of “new energy” and “lightweighting” development. Repeated test screening relying on one’s personal experience may not determine the root cause.

In the “diagnosis” section of this event, we will invite specialists and experts to discuss various difficult problems concerning vehicle NVH.

Activity design:

Ø  Pre-event period: case collection, build an expert team

Ø  Event site: diagnose problems collected and find root causes

Post-event period: provide consulting service to root out NVH problems

Day One | Mar.22nd  | Wednesday | AM


NEV Powertrain NVH   Control

Keynote Speech &   Discussion


Lunch Buffet


Day One | Mar. 22nd  | Wednesday | PM


Full Vehicle NVH   Performance Developing, Testing and Controlling

Keynote Speech &   Discussion




Day Two | Mar. 23rd  | Thursday | AM


Solutions and   Optimisation of Other NVH Problems

Keynote Speech


Lunch Buffet


Day Two | Mar. 23rd  | Thursday | PM


On-site Visits


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