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5th World Adhesives Market & Innovation Conference 2014

时间:2014年11月11日 -11月12日地点:国外 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


World adhesive industry is performing well and the markets are growing not only because of the recovery of the economy and GDP growth, but also because of the creativity and opportunities which the markets offer in general. Markets such as renewable energies and new lighting did not exist some years ago and are already very important for a large number of companies today. Lightweight constructions in aviation and the car industry will offer new business opportunities for companies which are able to seize them and to innovate for these new applications, and the same is happening in the electronics industry with the explosion of handheld devices and new displays. Sustainability is also a great opportunity for the industry and not a challenge. The industry will contribute to this important target through new adhesives with a much better footprint.

5th World Adhesives Market & Innovation Conference 2014 will be convened in this coming December. Hot issues in global adhesives industry will be highlighted to explore feedstock and downstream market opportunities and innovative application. Industry leaders from Asia and international adhesives related chemical companies, industry solution providers and market institute will be presented. Based on the real needs of participants, the conference will provide a networking platform to interpret the latest market trend, present the latest industry dynamics and offer professional solutions. We are looking forward to having you this time!

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