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14th International Olefin Annual Conference 2019

Time:2019-11-05 -11-08location:Huizhou, China

“InternationalOlefin Annual Conference”(IOAC) is one of the core brand activities of Enmore.Based on its own customer resources and information support, Enmore has richdata and customer accumulation, aiming to provide comprehensive marketinformation and business development platform for methanol players. Since 2006,the International Olefin Annual Conference has been widely held in China. Theinvitations cover more than 80 countries from Europe, America, South Americaand Asia Pacific. Olefin producers (MTO, PDH etc.), traders, downstream users,and third-party technology, shipping, and information companies etc. IOAC is graduallybecoming an annual professional olefin event in Asia .

In 2019, themacro economy may become not so strong. Exchange rates, tariffs and otherchanges in the application of olefin demand in China may directly affect theadjustment of the supply and demand pattern of China bulk commodities due tothe trade conflict between US and China.

According tostatistics, a number of naphtha cracking projects and CTO/MTO projects such asZhejiang Petrochemical and Sinopec Zhanjiang Project have been put intoproduction in a concentrated manner. The effective new capacity is expected tobe more than 2.5 million tons and it will be the highest level in recent years.In addition, the “Belt and Road” countries continue to promote the constructionof ethylene projects. India and Southeast Asia all proposed plans to expandethylene capacity. Although there is no new capacity to be put into productionin the Middle East, a batch of ethylene projects is still under planning orconstruction. How will the global ethylene supply pattern change? How is thelow-cost ethylene exporting from North America going? How are China's ethylenereception terminals and cryogenic tanks distributed? Updates of US-China tradeconflict on olefin industry will be discussed as well.

Moreover, therise in crude oil prices and the abundant propane resources have led to therearrangement of the cost of propylene and CTO tends to have more cost advantages.In the second half of 2019, the new capacity of propylene will increase withthe launch of new projects. The domestic self-sufficiency rate of propylenewill be further enhanced. What will the future space of China's propyleneexporting market be?

Enmore issincerely inviting you to join our 14th International Olefin AnnualConference 2019, which will be held in Huizhou, China on November 5-8th . Looking forward to meeting you on site!

In the past 13 years,Enmore focused on global olefin market and devoted ourselves to provide thisunique connecting bridge for the global olefin players and decision makers. Weare engaging ourselves to establish an international communication and olefin informationsharing platform. We are not only providing market information, businessappointments, but also workshop, site tour, recreation and customized services.

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