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14th International Methanol Week 2019

Time:2019-07-09 -07-11location:Nanjing

“InternationalMethanol Week” is one of the core brand activities of Enmore. Based on its owncustomer resources and information support, Enmore has rich data and customeraccumulation, aiming to provide comprehensive market information and businessdevelopment platform for methanol players. Since 2005, the InternationalMethanol Week has been widely held in the Asia. It is also fortunate to visit somegrand methanol factories in the industry, such as Petronas etc. The invitationscover more than 80 countries from Europe, America, South America, Asia Pacificand Africa. Methanol producers, traders downstream MTO, formaldehyde, DME,acetic acid, MTBE, MMA, biofuels, and third-party technology, shipping, andinformation companies etc. international Methanol Week is gradually becoming anannual professional methanol event in Asia .

In 2019, the macro economy may become not so strong and thevolatility of crude oil may tend to narrow. Exchange rates, tariffs and otherchanges in the application of methanol demand in China may directly affect theadjustment of the supply and demand pattern of China bulk commodities due to theconflict between US and China.

Since the beginning of 2019, due to equipment failures,routine maintenance etc., the overall performance of the international methanolproject has been poor. The operation rate has dropped to around 59% in March2019, down 12 percentage points from the end of February. It mainly takes placein Iran, SEA and the US, while routine maintenance is concentrated in Oman andQatar. Also, New Zealand has a general load. As ME and SEA are the mainmethanol importing resources for China, the impact of this point on the marketshould be alerted. At present, new methanol plants overseas are acceleratingthe pace of construction. It is expected that 1~6 million tons of new capacitywill be released in 2019, process of these projects will be discussed.

For China, it is estimated that China's new methanolproduction capacity will be between 3~8 million tons in 2019, and the totalproduction capacity could exceed 90 million tons by the end of 2019. Inaddition, about 5 sets of 2.4 million tons of MTO units will be put intooperation like Inner Mongolia Jiutai, Luxi Group, Zhong'an United and NingxiaBaofeng, and these theoretical consumption of methanol will be 3 million to 6million tons. With the continued implementation of supply-side reform andenvironmental protection policies, the utilization rate of methanol capacity inChina will be further increased to around 70% before the end of the 13thFive-Year Plan.

Moreover, the highlight of this event this year is the deepanalysis downstream application. Recently, China has promoted M100 methanolgasoline, it is estimated that it may increase by at least 2 million tonsmethanol consumption annually if it is promoted in 10 cities, which has 10thousand methanol cars. Besides, methanol consumption of SEA biofuels hasattracted global methanol players as well. Thailand, India, Vietnam etc.contribute to a large positive space for methanol by both biofuels andtraditional uses with the development of their economy.

Enmore is sincerely inviting you to join our 14th International MeOH Week 2019, which will be held in Nanjing,China on July 9-10.Looking forward to seeing you on site!

MethanolIndustry Chain RoundBusiness SiteTour

DAY ONE   |   JULY 9   |   TUESDAY


Registration & Business Networking


Opening Remarks

SESSION I  Macro Policy and Global Methanol Market


Global Macro Policy Updates and Its Influence on Methanol Industry

l Sino-US Trade War and its influence on methanol market

l US sanctions to Venezuela/Iran updates


Global Methanol Market Outlook

l Major driving force of the global methanol market

l Global methanol supply and demand balance & trading flow trend

l Major methanol suppliers and consumers by region and volume


Methanol Feedstock Economic Efficiency Analysis

l Commodity Market Outlook: Crude Oil, LNG, Coal

l Advantage and comparison of every feedstock line

l Economic Efficiency Analysis


Upstream Coal Chemical Industry Outlook

l Coal market outlook

l The relationship of coal and methanol prices

l Implications to the methanol market


Lunch Buffet

SESSION II  Key Methanol Markets by Region


Asia Methanol Market Focus

l Asia methanol supply and demand balance

l SE Asia market outlook

l NE Asia market outlook


Strategy for the Middle East Methanol in 2019 and beyond

l Middle East in terms of crude oil and natural gas reserves

l Middle East methanol industry

l New capacity in ME/Iran

l Marketing plans for methanol trade flow


India-An Emerging Market for Methanol

l India demand for methanol in 2019 and before

l New consumption and plan in 2019 and beyond


Coffee Break & Business Networking


CHINA-Key Forces Impacting Market Growth

l China methanol supply and demand

l Major suppliers by area and capacity distribution

l New capacity in the future


China Methanol to Olefin (MTO) Market and Its Technology & Industrialization Progress


Dinner Buffet


SESSION III  Derivatives, Technology and Logistics


Traditional Methanol Downstream Markets

Demand from formaldehyde/AA/MMA and future trend


Global MTBE Markets – Challenges Ahead

l Demand from MTBE for methanol by region

l New MTBE projects

l Updates on China’s E10 Policy


Bio-fuel Consumption and Future Trend

l Bio-fuel consumption in SE Asia and Europe

l Its future trend and demand for methanol


Coffee Break & Business Networking


M100 Methanol Vehicles Development Updates in China


Marine Diesel Fuel: Methanol a Promising Alternative


Methanol Shipping Markets


Lunch Buffet

Business Site Visit

7/10: Conferenceclose at 12:00pm

7/10: Departto Nanjing Jiangbei New Materials High-Tech Park, Oiltanking NanjingStorage Tank Zone in the afternoon (confirmed)

7/10: Back to hotelin Nanjing after the visit

7/11: Depart toHUAYI Plant in Wuhu Anhui (confirmed)

7/11: Back to hotelin Nanjing after the visit

7/12: Visitmethanol fuel Plant (TBC)

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