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    At present, the global economy will continue the low uneven recovery. China's economy has also entered into a new trend of rapid growth,shifted power and the mode of development has changed. The rapid-growing traditional comparative advantage is weakening, and external disadvantages are still weakening the expectation of rapid growth in the next two years. In the next two years, China's economic growth may enter a track of steady or slight decline. In such an environment of economic development, how will the oleochemical industry go forward?
    In terms of feedstock, although the domestic supply and demand of soybean oil and rapeseed oil will be basically balanced in 2019, the global palm oil inventory will continue to increase, so the fundamental situation of oil is still not much improved. Overall judgment, soybean oil will continue to bottom in 2019, with a high probability of interval fluctuation trend around staged contradictions. And canola oil after destocking, will still maintain its high price difference with soybean oil, palm oil; Palm oil will still trail other oils like shot put, limiting its bounce. How will the raw material market change?
    In terms of fatty acids and alcohols, the overall decline in the first half of 2018 has not picked up in the second half of this year. How about the market in the first half of 2019? Can the second half of the year usher in a new turning point?
    In terms of glycerine market, after the baptism of environmental protection storm in 2018, glycerine enterprises will face a wave of rectification and shutdown storm. At the beginning of 2019, glycerine market will recover slightly. Will it continue to recover in 2019? With the continuous increase of the demand of high and sophisticated industries, the glycerine industry will be reformed. How can enterprises get better development?
    In terms of biodiesel, global biodiesel production in 2019 is expected to increase by 4 million tons year-on-year. Among them, Indonesia's biodiesel production will increase by 2.2 million to 2.3 mil
Summit Highlight
     Precise positioning + precise docking; A top-level summit focusing on the needs of key players in the upstream and downstream industrial chain of domestic and overseas oil and chemical industry   Special expert group was launched for the first time to help the oil industry solve technical problems.
Look for growth engines in the oil and chemical industry.
    Countermeasures: financial assistant oil chemical industry development in the expansion - opportunities and challenges.
In-depth customization of technical and business meetings, focusing on raw material market conditions and new terminal demand.
    The latest global market situation of oil chemical industry and analysis of key enterprises at home and abroad.
    The best solution of modular structure - focusing glycerol - biodiesel; Fatty acid/alcohol - surfactant - daily chemical products; Chemical products and rubber and plastic additives.
     One-stop grease chemical human resources solutions.
Global glycerin market research in China and Asia Pacific region.
Application of fatty acid/alcohol products and development of terminal market.
     What are the latest market and technical challenges?
     Enterprise financing + market deployment.
     Procurement and supply chain strategy.
     Under the "One Belt And One Road" policy, if the oil industry continues to move forward.
     Modular construction, digital production and intelligent manufacturing applications.
     New enterprises and the world's leading oil and grease chemical technology display.
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